Portfolio Title

Here lies most of the interesting programming projects I have done.

I have seperated them into 3 main areas: Web, Games, and Applications.

I have a lot of fun working on them, so I hope you like them too!

Also, [Click Here] for CG-related demo reel.

Phone Checking Application ( site )

Who: Personal project in 2009.
How: Flex 3 and Yelp API
Info: Type business phone no. in, and it will tell you all about that business.
Fun: Flex builder is a surprisingly good IDE. Also, very nice skins from scalenine.com

Siggraph Education Index ( site )

Who: SIGGRAPH in July 2008.
How: PHP, Ajax, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Linux
Info: I was contracted to design and implement Ajax searching system for schools database.
Fun: Getting Ajax to work with PHP backends.

Energy Efficiency Website ( site )

Who: Chulalongkorn University in 2006.
Info: I was one of the staffs for my professor's energy efficiency project, which required a website to promote energy saving in manufacturing industries. So I designed and created one.
Fun: Getting website to look the same in Thai and English. The 'text-align:justify' never worked very well with Thai words.

Online Auction Website ( site )

Who: Space-Wire Co. Ltd. in June 2005.
How: PHP, Ajax, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Linux
Info: My company bought the whole website from another company. My job is to maintain the website, and modify it to suit the latest regulations in order to get the 'operating license' from the government.
Fun: Realized that I would be better off rewriting the whole thing and did so. (most of them)

Space-Wire Company Website ( site )

Who: Space-Wire Co. Ltd. in October 2004.
How: HTML, CSS, ASP.NET, Windows Server 2003
Info: My first website using Microsoft Technology. It was a semi-experimental project, just for trying out ASP.NET to see if it was usable for other software projects in the company.
Fun: Writing breadcrumbs and menus in C#, Making custom useless (but fun!) apps all over the server.

Jenga ( Watch demo )

Who: Personal Project in 2008.
How: C++, OGRE, PhysX
Info: It's a simple Jenga game for 2 player. I made it to test out how OGRE and PhysX work.
Fun: Learning the graphic pipeline of Ogre, very educational. Also, making physX work with Ogre is not as easy as it seems!

Sudoku ( Play! )

Who: Personal Project in 2008.
Info: I did this as a fun exercise and a preparation for writing more javas.
Fun: Figuring out how to generate the sudoku puzzle. Turns out you have to solve it first!

Actuarial Application (Mango)

Who: GACCL Co.,Ltd in early 2007.
How: Python, wxPython
Info: I did this during a job at small insurance consulting firm. The program let you paste the data from excel and it will automatically calculate the rates for you.
Fun: Trying to use wxGrid to emulate excel spreadsheet made me admire the work of the Excel team much more than ever.

Dictionary Application (Mango)

Who: Personal Project in 2006.
How: C# .NET
Info: During GRE study, I sometimes have no idea how to pronouce a word. Without any native speaker nearby, I have to go to Webster-Dictionary.com and clicked about 5-6 times to get to the wave files. No more. This is an html scraper. Find the meaning + sounds with ONE click.
Fun: Stripping all those Ads away, and make it loads tremendously faster. Plans to change the voice to cartoony but never get up to it.

Energy Intensity Application

Who: Chulalongkorn University in 2006.
How: C# .NET, lithium tree library
Info: This is also from the Energy Efficiency project (website). I designed this 'visual' application so that we can easily see and analyze the energy data from the whole industries (the top one) as well as on each node.
Fun: The Intensity calculation method is a complex recursive process which, before this program is around, fills 17 excel spreadsheets. Also binding this to the unique tree GUI is quite a feat.

Classroom Scheduling

Who: Freelance project in 2005.
How: VC++ 6, MS Access
Info: One of my friends ask me to do this for him. The program will make schedule base on energy cost of these room -- electricity cost, etc. My first draft put every subject in the same room for the whole semester.
Fun: Using Microsoft Access and its (rather) limited SQL commands to do recursive function.

Thai Mobile Text Input Method Analysis application

Who: My Thesis in 2005.
How: VC++ 6, MS Access
Info: Don't let the Thesis name scared you. This program measures the performance of each 'texting' method in mobile phone. As we really can't do it on the phone itself, this program comes in handy.
Fun: This is my first serious project using VC++. I'm really proud of this one.